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Looking out the window or walking the dogs, I am noticing changes beginning. There are bright orange leaves on the aronia outside the living room window. Our woods don’t look so heavy-green. The grasses as we walk out to the Great Pond sway pink, orange, lavender, gold.

Yesterday morning I let Talley out, heard some barking in the yard, and saw her running toward the house with a big male black lab in tow. They seemed amiable enough. The dog had no collar on, so figuring someone would be missing him, I called the communication center to report his location. Joannie Jenkinson called me back. No labs missing in our neighborhood. I gave him some water and dog biscuits, but when he saw the red leash, he shot off down the driveway.

I hope he returned safely to where and to whom he belonged, but Joannie and I had a conversation that bears repeating. Our dogs have always worn collars with their names and phone numbers printed on them. Joannie says they make her job a lot easier. Most importantly, she reminds everyone to license their dogs.

My condolences to the family and many friends of Bob Lee, who died last week. Bob was such a familiar presence around town — a unique presence. He will be missed.

I ran into Mary-Ruth Flores the other day. I knew she was coming for The Fair, as she always does, staying with her sister, Katherine Long. Days in the fiber tent, nights at home. They worked together on Katherine’s latest quilting project that is truly amazing — an octopus with its waving tentacles quilted across the center panel with a patchwork surround.

I loved the new Ag Fair facebook page, an opportunity to see things I missed.

The Fair is such an annual tradition for families gathering together. Nancy Huntington told me that it is a huge part of the summer for her family. After summer camp and trips, August seems the time everyone comes to visit Nonni on the island. Tim, Kelly, and Candace have been here since August 5. They return to Boston and Nick, Noelle, Max, Eliza, and Anna Huntington arrive from Newton to stay till the end of August.

Debbie and Allan Coutinho came for the opening of Ken Vincent’s show at the Granary Sunday evening. There was a huge crowd admiring paintings by both Ken and his co-exhibitor, Jeanne Staples. A big art gallery night, there was no room left to park at Kara Taylor’s opening at her South Road gallery.

The Baker/Eville family enjoyed their annual summer reunion of friends of Cathlin’s from their student days at Union Seminary. Reverend Raphael Warnock of the Ebenezer Baptist Church shared the pulpit with Cathlin at last Sunday’s service at the West Tisbury Church. Reverend Tony Lee came from Maryland and Dr. Adam Clark from Cincinnati, where he teaches religion at Xavier University.

Larz Pearson and Rick Trevino spent the past week at the Slocum House, guests of Dorothy Barthelmes and Bob Henry. The weather was beautiful for lots of beach time, excursions to the Glass Works and the Artisans’ Festival, the Farmers’ Market for ingredients for fabulous dinners. They are both wonderful cooks. Still, they enjoyed some meals out around the Island. It’s always fun to see them, to share meals and conversation, though the week always feels too short.

Of course, the most notable guests last week were President Obama and his family. Below, “A Presidential Haiku,” by Charly Weiss. “It was written in response to black Secret Service cars parked at the entrance to the bike path along Old County/Edgartown-West Tisbury Road. So in honor of the President and the Secret Service men hanging around in West Tisbury, I wrote a haiku.”

Secret Service Man

Hanging ’round my neighborhood

Want an egg sandwich?

Nelia Decker and Amy Hough continue Mother Goose on the Loose, reading to children 0 to 3 years old. They will be at the Oak Bluffs Library today and Thursday, September 5, and at the Vineyard Haven Library August 29. Programs begin at 10:30 am.

Tuesdays@Twilight concert series finale features singer-songwriters Ben and Sally Taylor & Friends. The concert is August 27, 8 pm, at The Grange. Admission is $20.. The Artcliff Diner Food Truck will serve dinner beginning at 6 pm. The program is sponsored by the West Tisbury Library Foundation.

Riparian owners of Tisbury Great Pond met Saturday, August 17, to review the past year’s events on the pond and to elect new officers. Chris McIsaac is the new President, and Owen Jones is Vice-President. Kent Healy, Allan Moore, and Will Whiting continue serving as Commissioners. The Riparians thanked out-going president, Martha Pease, for her 14 years service. Anyone who missed the meeting may email Ellen Sturgis, Secretary/Clerk, at e.sturgis@verizon.net, for the draft minutes.

I want to acknowledge the power of the press. After the Friends’ Book Sale, I wrote about Mike going in to look for an atlas and coming out empty-handed. Lisa Kimball and John Cooney, longtime friends and readers of my column, appeared at our door last week with the perfect one. It has great photography, loads of information, current maps, and print large enough for aging eyes to read without a magnifying glass. Our Oxford Atlas of the World sits on our coffee table, ready reference along with my Oxford English Dictionary. Thank you, Lisa and John.

Now if whoever borrowed my Alex Katz books last year would see this column and return the books.

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