Dana Gaines heads the fleet in 23rd Oar and Paddle

With pets Mullet and Hogan on the lookout, Island veterinarians Bridget Dunnigan and Rogers Williams raced to the finish line. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

For Dana Gaines, winning the Oar and Paddle Regatta is becoming a Vineyard tradition. The Edgartonian did it again Sunday morning, racing his 28-pound white Stellar surf ski kayak to victory in the 23rd running of the event.

Gaines navigated the 2.25-mile course off of State Beach in Oak Bluffs between Little Bridge and Big Bridge in 19:23.

Jessie Holtham of West Tisbury was the women’s overall winner, clocking in with a top 15 finish in 27:14. She raced in a wooden kayak making its maiden voyage. Hours before the start, it was hanging from the rafters at the Offshore Ale restaurant in Oak Bluffs.

The fleet of more than 40, comprised of single and double kayaks, canoes, a pair of stand up paddleboards, and one rowboat, raced under near-perfect conditions during low tide, with temperatures in the low 70s and a light breeze.

The rest of the overall top ten were: 2. Geoff Gibson and Mark Baumhofer, Fiberglass tandem, 22:32; 3. Louis de Geofroy, Fiberglass sea kayak, 23:03; 4. Justin Deary, wood sea kayak 23:10; 5. Brian Hathaway, Kevlar sea kayak 23:15; 6. Randy Durbin, Fiberglass sea kayak 23:55; 7. Percy Burt, Plastic sea kayak 23:59; 8. Jake Robinson, plastic sea kayak 24:18; 9. David Deary, wood sea kayak 24:28; and 10. Greg Bennett, Fiberglass sea kayak, 25:04.

By class, excluding the men’s and women’s overall winners, the following competitors placed first: Fiberglass Sea Kayak, Youth, Caroline Keller, 37:17; Canoe, John Whitney and Dan Devaney, 33:00; Plastic Kayak, Female, Louise Swartz, 31:13; Fiberglass Sea Kayak, Female, Fran Loftus, 31:10; Plastic Sea Kayak, Male, Percy Burt, 23:59; Fiberglass Sea Kayak, Male, Louis de Geofroy, 23:03; Wooden Kayak with Dog, Male, Justin Deary, 23:10; Senior Tandem, Herb Foster and Joan Dunayer, 38:54; Kevlar, Male, Brian Hathaway, 23:15; Female tandem, Johanna Gandek and Avery Johnson, 46:33; Family Kayak, Chelsea and Phoebe Barbini, Richard Toole, 38:46; Male and Female Tandem with Dogs, Bridget Dunnigan and Rogers Williams, 28:09; Fiberglass Kayak, Male Tandem, Geoff Gibson and Mark Baumhoffer, 22:32; Wood Kayak Tandem, Male and Female, Cra and David Charles, 27:29; Outrigger Canoe, Joel Buchwald, 25:45; Stand Up Paddleboard, Female (SUP) Peg McMaster, 15:37; SUP, Male, Alec McMaster, 16:42.

The event was sponsored by Island Pools and Spas, Inc., Nancy’s, Martha’s Bike Rentals, The Green Room, Wind’s Up, The Boneyard, Offshore Ale, Parker Carpets, Bic Sport, Stanza Lone, Karpet Kare, Charles and Eva Carlson, Mike and Diane Krause, The Vrooman Family, and Island Spirit Kayak

Proceeds from the event raised more than $1,500 for the Friends of Sengekontacket.