Chappy ferry to be hauled for repair September 3

Chappy ferry to be hauled for repair September 3

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Chappaquiddick ferry owner Peter Wells plans to haul On Time III, the larger of the two operating ferries that carry passengers and vehicles to and from Chappaquiddick, on September 3 for necessary maintenance and repairs.

The 64 foot vessell is due for new paint, replacement of its propellers, and a required U.S. Coast Guard inspection.

Mr. Wells said he hopes to have the ferry back in service by September 13, but advises that it could be out of service for a longer period, if unexpected repairs are needed.

He chose the week after Labor Day because the traffic to and from Chappaquiddick is historically very light. The smaller of the two ferries, On Time II, will run as usual.

“I hope it won’t be a big problem,” Mr. Wells said. “Last year it was absolutely dead that week. The year before it was pretty quiet, too. I want to get this boat painted, inspected, and back to work.”

For up-to-the-minute Chappy ferry information, call the recorded hotline at 508-627-6965.


  1. Absolutely ridiculous idea! Could have waited a few weeks until it really quieted down. Inconvenience to all. The line is longer than I have ever seen it. Instead of assuming it will be “dead” maybe wait to see what early sept. brings as it seems seasonal residents and vacationers are staying longer and longer. Poor planning Mr. Wells

  2. PW takes great care to ensure the safety of those that his operation is entrusted to carry. The Captains and deckhands are extremely vigilant and make it look easy. But it is not, it is a dangerous operation made safe by constant maintenance of the transports. With that aside please do not repeat this scheduled down time next year. Month of January is the ideal time, Spent 78 minutes inline leaving Chappy and 58 minutes coming back yesterday