Norman C. Eddy


The Rev. Mr. Norman C. Eddy died on June 21. He was 93.

He was a lifelong summer resident, first in Harthaven and then on Abel’s Hill in Chilmark.

He was a volunteer with the American Field Service (AFS) in the British 8th Army from 1942 to 1945. He was co-founder and a life trustee with AFS International.

He was a minister, community activist, and founder of an organizing strategy called Spiritual Coordination.

He is survived by three children, Rebecca Eddy Feuerstein, Timothy R. Eddy, and Martha Hart Eddy.

Burial will be at 11 am this Friday, August 30, at the Chilmark Cemetery on Abel’s Hill. Please call 508-645-3118 if you plan to attend.

Memorial gifts may be sent to the New York Theological Seminary, 475 Riverside Dr.,

N.Y., NY 10115.