It never ceases to amaze how town goes from complete chaos to comparative ghost town overnight, as occurred this past Monday. Clear stretches of sidewalk, empty bike paths, and parking spaces as far as the eye can see. Coming out of our road, a blind drive off of West Tisbury Road, which is suicidal at the best of times, is suddenly a breeze. It was a lovely summer, but I think I can feel the whole Island sharing in one great big extended exhalation. Happy September, folks.

I was thrilled to run into Rico Robb downtown this past weekend. It’s great to see him back in the lineup after spending some time on the DL earlier this season. Welcome back, Hoss! Elbow bumps and big hugs all around.

We spent a lovely sunset up at Pohogonot last week with Jason Dyer and Glenda Gotcsik, and though the view was nothing short of breathtaking, the real treat was Glenda’s twist on s’mores. Instead of the traditional marshmallow, Hershey bar, graham cracker combination, Glenda replaces the chocolate layer with a peanut butter cup. Mind blowing. We discussed whether we should keep this development to ourselves or report it to the masses, and just decided it would be unfair not to share this game changer. So there you have it. Peanut butter cup s’mores, my friends. BOOM.

I owe an apology to two of our four-legged friends, Nutterbutter the pony — mistakenly mentioned as Butterfinger last week — and Leroy, the donkey. Thank you to my observant and vastly knowledgeable readers for holding me to task on that one. The funny thing is, when we were kids, my sister used to lease a pony who had a very specific preference in her snack cookies, and that preference was Nutterbutters, so you’d think I’d have made the connection. Oh well. Mea culpa.

Guess who’s got a new home. Jennifer Klein, Licensed Massage Therapist — whose talents are barely short of magical, if I do say so myself — announces that beginning Monday, September 9, she will be seeing clients at The Yoga Barn at 1153 State Road in Chilmark. Jennifer’s sessions include an integrated blend of deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, and Reiki. For all you mommas-to-be out there, she also practices pregnancy massage. She is a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals and has been practicing massage and bodywork since 2006. Jennifer can be reached by going to www.jenniferkleinmassage.com or calling 508-560-1685. She’s worth crossing town lines for, I swear.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Lyra Paciello, Sarah Townes, and Lisa Barbini on September 6; to Ashley Spinney, September 7; to Lauren Maciorowski, September 8; and to Graham Murray, September 9. Have fun! Also, a belated birthday shout-out goes to Xavier Cole Sherman, who celebrated his first birthday on August 30. Can’t wait to see him and his buddy Cooper tearing it up on the rink together someday just like their daddies did.

So the kids will be picking out their first-day-of-school outfits this weekend, as the official first bell rings Monday morning. Keep your eyes open for little ones, and big ones too, waiting at bus stops and crossing the streets, backpacks laden and lunch boxes swinging. And hey kids, time to hit those books and get your learn on. Get crackin’.