Saving the Gay Head Light with lemonade

(Left) Malia Bodnar and Maeve Sheehan wore "Keep on Shining" tee-shirts to promote their lemonade. (Right) Lily Kolm, Warren Webber Gebb, and Eliza Webber Gebb raised $130 for the "Save the Gay Head Light" campaign. — Photo by Stephanie Hecht

Two sets of kids hosted lemonade stands to benefit the Gay Head Lighthouse, which is in danger of toppling into the sea due to cliff erosion.

Eliza Webber Gebb and Warren Webber Gebb raised $130 along with their friend Lily Kolm. Duo Malia Bodnar and Maeve Sheehan raised $70. In both cases, the kids initiated the projects and decided to donate the proceeds, raised by charging $1 to $2 per cup.