She can’t hear you now


To the Editor:

During and since the presidential visit, my Verizon phone has not been ringing when calls come in. The issue began about one week to 10 days ago. This has quickly resulted in a full mailbox, overage in minutes, having to check my voicemail, and also call the person back. It’s bad for business.

Extremely frustrating. After numerous phone calls to Verizon customer service, I finally climbed to the top, and normally they don’t share the info because of security issues. However, Verizon says the repeaters are shut down and can’t tell me when exactly the service will be restored. So, unless I am looking at my phone, I can’t tell when it’s ringing, as there is no ringing sound.

I asked when Verizon will restore the service, and apparently it’s not up to Verizon to the restore the service, it is up to some power in the government. Ha. Since they have long since left the Island, does The Times have connections with anyone in the government who might be able to flick a switch and restore service to us individuals out here trying to make a living?

I’d encourage anyone else with Verizon or any other phone company and who is experiencing issues with their phone to contact their phone company and ask when we can have the service we signed up for, and pay for under contract, reinstated. Otherwise, legally, I believe that if the phone service provider cannot provide the service we signed up for under contract, then we can get out of our contract without any penalties, as there is no provision in the phone provider contract for interrupted service due to presidential visits. And anyone experiencing phone issues can certainly ask for a credit. Looking forward to restored service.

Tara Kenny

Vineyard Haven

Tara Kenny, a graphic designer, does design work for The Times and many other customers.