It’s beginning to feel like fall, and I think one of the major contributors to that feeling is the polyester jersey boasting the head of the Flying Elvis and the name of my favorite player (Vince Wilfork) that I got to sport for the first time of the season this past Sunday. It wasn’t the prettiest game I’ve ever watched, but we pulled out the W, and for now, that’ll do.

The Derby starts this weekend, a favorite season for many. Time to pick up a badge, air down the tires, pack up the family, and head out to the shore — or on the boat, if you’ve got it. For information about Derby events, including the kids derby in O.B. on Sunday, September 22, visit mvderby.com. Good luck!

There is a recurring discussion on Facebook about the effect of inflation and the current economic climate on the work of one particular institution: that of the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy seems to be both wily and fickle these days, tossing a dollar here, a fiver there, and sometimes scaling her ROI based on size of tooth — molar futures are as unpredictable as gold these days. It might be time to rewrite the business plan. Well, the lady had a good day this week, as Anina Garvin attest. Miss Garvin’s first tooth was replaced under her pillow with a crisp five dollar bill, a special note, and some chocolates — clearly an investment on the T.F.’s part in future transactions. Anina celebrates her birthday on September 10, so it is sure to be an exciting week.

Well, Chappy was the place to be last weekend, as Jim and Margaret Mullen welcomed the Westhelles from Portsmouth, N.H. Daughte, Whitney, son-in-law,Robbie, and grandkids Bridger (3) and Norah (4 months) made the trip down for some fun in the sun. I’m sure everyone had fun chasing Bridger for hours, while taking breaks to ooh and ahh precious baby Norah.

The Hayes family has moved back to Edgartown, this time joined by their lovely dog, Petey. Jesse and Arielle report that son Miles (7) will be starting second grade and his third year of homeschooling while his brother, Christian, will begin his preschool homeschooling lessons. The family is most excited for trips to Felix Neck, now that they are now right across the road. Welcome back, folks.

Amelia Ball is super excited to announce the arrival of her mum, Jacqueline Mcgarry, and husband William from Whitehaven, England, on September 12. I’m pretty pumped to get our moms together to talk about the royal family, of which there are Opinions. Hope you enjoy your time away from the Shire.

Happy anniversary to Drew and Paula Smith, who celebrated 18 years of marriage on September 9. Cheers, as they say in London where the two currently reside.

Birthday wishes go out to Bill Jacob, who celebrates September 13; to Sydney Mullen, September 15; to Bonnie Kingsbury, September 16; and to Darren Belisle, September 17. Hope everyone has fun.