A favorite story


To the Editor:

I would just like exclaim about what was a marvelous performance of The Wizard of Oz this past weekend, by the Island Theatre Workshop. The cast was outstanding in every sense, and the play so well done, I had to go back to see a second performance. What an incredible group of actors, under the incredible direction of Kevin Ryan, assisted by the well-known Lee Fiero.

The Island is so fortunate to have such an incredible program available for theatrical guidance and workshops. This performance moved me to check out their website, http://itwmv.org, and I was amazed at all that is offered by this Island group. What a great resource. I will suggest it to others, both young and old, interested in exploring the performing arts here on the Vineyard. Kudos to all of you who worked so hard to tell this favorite story of all time. Thank you.

Carolee Aiello