Police release new picture of ATM skim scam suspect

A new surveillance photo of the ATM skim scam suspect, released September 16. — Photo courtesy of Oak Bluffs Police

Oak Bluffs police released a new photograph of one of the men suspected of placing a card reading device at a Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank branch in Oak Bluffs over the summer. Thieves placed the card reader at the ATM at the foot of Circuit Avenue on many evenings in July and August and removed it each evening to avoid detection. The device recorded bank account information from people who swiped cards at the ATM.

The new picture comes from an ATM on Main Street in Edgartown. Police ask anyone who recognizes the suspect or may have information about the crime to call the police station at 508-693-0750.

Investigators have tallied more than $160,000 in losses so far, most of it withdrawn from the bank accounts of Island residents and visitors over the Labor Day weekend. The bank will reimburse account holders for the losses.