Lana and Roger get married

Lana and Roger Shaefer tied the knot on Edgartown Harbor on September 7. — Photo by Roman A. Pena

Wednesday morning, an email arrived from Roger Shaefer.

“My wife, Lana Shaefer, and I, Roger Shaefer, were married last weekend [September 7] and thought it would be fun to share some of our more adventurous wedding photos with the Times,” Mr. Shaefer began. “We live in Oak Bluffs. Lana was just hired as the nurse for the Oak Bluffs Elementary School. I am the caretaker of the Boch Estate in Edgartown. We have lived on the Island for a while now, and we feel fortunate to be able to have had our wedding here, too.”

Roger attached some great photos from the wedding. We wanted to know more. “How’d you come to meet each other on the Vineyard?” we asked.

Roger said he’d grown up coming to the Island each summer and moved here year-round three years ago. Lana spent summers here working as a waitress at the Black Dog, while getting a nursing degree at the University of Maine.

“We met at a friend’s birthday/Fourth of July barbecue,” Lana wrote. “I’d been helping prep food…. Once people started arriving, I carried around a tray of hot dogs. Roger stopped me, never having met me before, and told me he needed to take my picture. After I walked over.., he and [his friend] Jason took a hot dog, and Jason blurted, ‘I think my friend just fell in love with you.’

“Roger and I were both taken a little aback by the comment until Jason pointed out he was referring to my earrings.”

Lana was wearing Kastmaster earrings made by her friend Keri Erley. Kastmasters are chrome-plated brass fishing lures that range in size from 1/12 ounce up to 4 ounces. Roger, a fisherman, noticed them immediately on Lana, and he loved them.

“So we chatted for a while at the barbecue. Then he took me out fishing at Hedge Fence a few days later, and the rest is history.”

The earring maker made Lana a new pair of fishing earrings for the ceremony, which Lana forgot (along with the rest of her jewelry). Roger’s sister ran to get them in time for the reception. The photo Roger took upon his first sight of Lana is now on their fridge.

On Sunday, they fished their first Derby together as a married couple, and caught a fish.

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