Oak Bluffs dedicates pump station to water district worker

John "Randy" Randolph 3rd, flanked by water district commissioners Mike deBettencourt and Ray Moreis, holds the plaque dedicating the new Oak Bluffs water pumping station to him. — Photo by Steve Myrick

A crowd of about 30 relatives, friends, and town officials gathered Wednesday in Oak Bluffs to dedicate the town’s new booster pumping station to employee John “Randy” Randolph 3rd.

Mr. Randolph said he began his 40-year career with the Oak Bluffs Water District when his father was the water superintendent.

“My dad taught me all my skills,” Mr. Randolph said. “How to be responsible and show respect to my fellow workers.”

The booster station, near the Roundabout, began pumping water this past summer, and it is improving service to much of the town, according to water district engineers.

Above ground is a generator, propane tank, and utility pole with communications equipment.

Below ground is a large room that houses four new pumps. Two of the pumps will be sufficient to improve water pressure to homes and businesses. In case of a fire or sudden demand for water, two additional pumps will start automatically.

Most of the $4,000,000 project was financed through a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

This article was updated to reflect a correction. Mr. Randolph is not retired, he still works for the water district.