Thanks for the coverage


To the Editor:

It is with great delight that I express my sincere gratitude to the MV Times for the coverage of the Martha’s Vineyard Branch NAACP 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Wow, the front page of the Community section of the MV Times. Not one but two stories; the primary article an in-depth story about the history of the MV NAACP, watermarked with the NAACP national logo. The second article was about the honoree, world renowned poet, writer, educator and activist Nikki Giovanni. Both articles were very impressive and well written. Barry’s choice to feature key interviews with actual descendants of the founders of the branch, emphasizing past and present, all during the most historic time for civil rights and race equality in our country, was masterful.

The articles before our anniversary celebration on August 17, as well as post celebration, capture the essence of the history of the Vineyard through the eyes and hearts of generations of families involved with the Martha’s Vineyard Branch NAACP. The decision to feature these article(s) the week of August 15, while the First Family was visiting the Island, simply genius.

I am sure you will appreciate that the MV NAACP could not afford to place an ad that would provide the same sense of community as the positive and timely article(s) written by Barry Stringfellow, and we are truly grateful to Barry, Nelson, and the MV Times for acknowledging, documenting, and highlighting the history of the NAACP of Martha’s Vineyard’s 50th Anniversary.

We thank the MV Times for your commitment and dedication to delivering newsworthy stories to our Island community.

Gladys T. Toscano

Event Organizer

Martha’s Vineyard Branch NAACP