Coop for a cause

The two-story chicken coop includes a spiral staircase and a private roost. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Three young designers for Hutker Architects put their talents to use this summer designing a chicken coop that would be the envy of Leghorns and Rhode Island Reds anywhere.

Tom Shockey, Sean Dougherty, Nelson Giannakopoulos approached the project like any other architectural challenge, figuring out how the building could meet the needs of its occupants. They came up with a silo design that is easily assembled and moved into place. It provides protection from predators, roosting and nesting, sufficient ventilation, and accessibility.

Made entirely of recycled or repurposed material that might otherwise have been thrown out, the two-story cutting edge coop includes a spiral chicken staircase and private roost.

The coop will be on display at the West Tisbury farmer’s market Saturday, September 21. It will be raffled off to benefit Slow Food M.V. The winner will be drawn October 5.