Roundabout construction causes long delays

Work crews lay a final layer of pavement on the roundabout. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Drivers experienced delays at the new roundabout Monday and Tuesday, as work crews began laying the final layer of pavement and finish landscaping at the intersection. The construction will continue at least into Wednesday according to Oak Bluffs highway superintendent Richard Combra, Jr.

Some delays were short, others very lengthy. On Tuesday morning, stopped traffic stretched from the roundabout back to the NSTAR garage on Edgartown Vineyard Haven Road.

Traffic moved relatively freely in some directions, but in others, for short periods, the roadway was reduced to one lane causing more substantial delays.

“It’s been tough,” Mr. Combra said. “There have been massive backups up there.”

Most of the work on the roundabout was completed by Memorial Day, but the project contract mandated construction stop in the busier summer months to accommodate increased traffic.