Fall on The FARM weekend workshop

File photo by Mary Baker

The FARM Institute’s first ever Fall on The FARM weekend, an agriculture workshop for adults, is this Friday through Sunday, October 4–6, on Katama Farm in Edgartown. No farm experience is required to participate.

A press release from The FARM Institute (TFI) says, “Attendees will be fully engaged in all aspects of farm life.” Guests will help with farm chores, learn about the cheese making process, and harvest produce straight from the garden. Because fall is calving season, there will be a focus on maternal cows. Attendees may even witness a live birth during the workshop. Other activities include lessons on backyard chickens, and cooking with local ingredients. Guests will help to prepare their own meals with meat and produce from TFI. Vegetarian dining options are available.

The weekend coincides with the Living Local Harvest Festival at the Ag Hall in West Tisbury, so participants will also engage in activities related to the Festival.

Weekend packages are offered with and without transportation and lodging accommodations. Guests who require lodging will stay at Hostelling International Martha’s Vineyard, on Edgartown-West Tisbury Road in West Tisbury. Transportation will be scheduled to and from there. Guests choosing to stay elsewhere will need to provide their own transportation.


Guests arrive at TFI at 6 pm on Friday to tour the grounds, then gather for dinner before returning to the Hostel (or their respective lodging locations) for the evening.


On Saturday, there will be a self-serve breakfast at the Hostel, followed by morning chores on the farm. The participants will take a trip to the West Tisbury Farmers’ Market and the Living Local Harvest Festival to learn more about local farming.

Upon return to TFI, guests will have lunch, engage in a fiber workshop, and receive a local cooking lesson to prepare for the evening’s potluck at the Living Local Harvest Festival. Participants will complete the night’s animal chores before downtime and the potluck celebration.


Sunday morning follows a similar routine of breakfast and morning animal chores. Afterwards, there will be a garden lesson, a presentation on Island and global agriculture, and a cheese-making activity. There will be a final presentation on poultry breeds, meat, eggs, and processing, before the workshop concludes with a group cookout.

Cost for the workshop is $330, including meals, housing, and transportation. For workshop and meals only, $250. For more information and to register, call 508-627-7007, or visit farminstitute.org.