Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions Sept 16 – 20, 2013


September 16–20, 2013


Sept. 16, Mark A. Levy and Jonathan Durst, trustees, David Durst 2004 Family Trust, sold an undivided 35.5899% interest in 16 and 18 David’s Way to Jonathan and Laurel Durst for $1,947,436.

Sept. 17, Frederick N. Khedouri sold property off South Road to John and Dyan Demers (formerly known as Dyan Schmidt) for $390,000.

Sept. 20, Gary Maynard and Kristina K. Maynard, trustees, Plum Creek Realty Trust, sold 20 Hammett Rd. to Andrew W. and Debra M. Sidman for $1,950,000.


Sept. 16, Frederick J. Hurley sold 20 Oliver St. to William J. and Cynthia L. Cavanaro for $1,017,500.

Sept. 16, Richard W. and Cecelia E. Lindquist sold 9 Haystack Lane to John A. and Teresa M. Prego for $550,000.

Sept. 16, E. Garrett Orazem and Lucy Pelham, also known as Lucy Durkin Orazem, sold 109 School St. to Michael J. Malone and Cheryl K. Lawton for $1,000,000.

Sept. 18, Steven Michael Chaggaris and Evan Peter Chaggaris sold 5 Pulpit Lane to Robert M. McCarron, trustee, Pulpit Nominee Trust, for $362,000.

Sept. 20, James J. Barry Jr. and Sheila Barry sold 15 Mill St., Edgartown Commons Unit 25, to Thomas S. Auray and Dea Paoletta Auray for $187,000.

Sept. 20, Michael and Jennifer M. Corbo sold 14 Planting Field Wood Circle to Geoffrey and Leslie Chang for $1,475,500.

Oak Bluffs

Sept. 16, Stephen M. Goldner sold 8 Beach Rd., Island Country Club Condominium Unit 43, to Carl A. Nelson 3rd and Annie An-Fen Wu Nelson for $130,000.

Sept. 20, Paul A. and Bonnie Jo Hakala sold 37 Bayview Ave. to Kevin Longval and Sheila Hanley for $398,000.


Sept. 18, Catherine V. Lowther, trustee, Catherine V. Lowther Living Trust, sold 150 Winyah Lane to Sara Belcher-Barnes for $515,500.

Sept. 19, Michael A. and Laurie Forbes Halt sold 156 Mayflower Lane to Broderick D. Johnson and Michele L. Norris for $1,356,600.

Sept. 20, Lisa C. and William Q. Bitzer sold 59 Madaline Lane to Linda Comstock for $488,520,000.

Sept. 20, Deutche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, Indymac IMSC Mortgage Trust, sold 10 Elm St. to Kimberly S. Mitchell for $230,000.

Sept. 20, James L. Ferraro, president of Ferraro Family Foundation, Inc., sold 26 Maura Way to William Q. and Lisa C Bitzer for $882,500.

West Tisbury

Sept. 18, Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, trustee of the Arnold M. Fischer 1994 Trust and as personal representative of the will of Priscilla P. Fischer, and Arnold M. Fisher Jr., Eleanor D. Neubert, Jean F. O’Reilly, and Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, trustees, Priscilla P. Fischer 1994 Trust, sold a lot off Road to Great Neck to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $2,950,000.

Sept. 20, Daniel E. Whiting and Tara Jane Whiting (formerly known as Tara Jane Whiting-Watson), sold 1005 State Rd. to Eric D. Burns and Bonnie Lafave for $600,000.