While the weather has been very summer like lately and there have been many stories of people swimming in the ocean still, up Island is getting ready to close up shop for the long winter. At Red Beach, the shore is dotted with empty moorings waiting to be put away. There are just a handful of boats left bobbing in the water and many of the skiffs and kayaks kept on the beach have been removed. The crowds have dwindled down and the last of the summer people who stay through Columbus Day will be gone after this weekend. While there is still much to do and many Islanders to catch up with I always get a little melancholy this time of year wishing there was enough business for everything to stay open at the Cliffs and for the Chilmark Store to remain open.

If you are looking for your wife (or girlfriend) on Friday afternoon and can’t find her she is probably at On the Cliffs shopping the big sale. Adrianna is having her 50 percent off sale weather permitting this Friday at 4 pm. There will be refreshments and lots of company.

This weekend is your last chance to stop by the Vanderhoop Homestead up at the Cliffs and get a tour, and see the exhibits on Wampanoag whaling, and Gay Head clay and pottery. The Aquinnah Cultural Center, which is housed in the homestead, will be open Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm. Saturday is their last day of the season. They will be open by appointment for bus tours and school groups through the end of October.

The Outermost Inn’s last night will be this coming Sunday. Call now to make your reservation and get in. The Chilmark Tavern had to close unexpectedly last week and will be closed until next season.

It’s that time of year when the library has coffee and snacks available all day on Saturdays. On Thursdays at 3:30 pm storytime is held and craft time will be on Saturday from 12 noon to 3 pm. This Saturday will be soap making; on October 19, fun with dragons; and on October 26, spooky pumpkins.

The 1st Annual Gayhead 10K was this past Sunday and it was great — not that I ran it, I just watched, it’s much more fun that way. Alex Taylor came in fourth in her age group and was the first Gay Header over the line. I got there in time to see Sophia Welch and Carrie Vanderhoop cross over. The race started at the cliffs, went down State Rd., made a right on Moshup and then up around the Cliffs. The last part of the race everyone said was brutal, Moshup runs up hill from Philbin Beach to the intersection of the Cliffs and then to have to run up and around the circle at the Cliffs was doubly hard. When I asked Barry Sullivan what his time was he said, “Check the obituaries.”

Many people volunteered for this event. Meg Bodnar and Dottie Sullivan were selling tee-shirts. People along the route set up water stations outside their houses. Martha Vanderhoop oversaw the organization of the entire race and did a fabulous job. It seemed to run very smoothly and there was a lovely ceremony at the end up at the Lighthouse to give medals to all the overall winners and the top three in each age group. You can go to for a list of all race participants and their ranking.