Seventeen years ago, amazing friends tied the knot. I remember the day celebrating at North Rock — music, smiles from ear to ear, the feel of fall in the air, and a five-week-old in my arms. Happy anniversary to Hillary and John Keene. Not only is there an anniversary in the Keene household but sixth-grader Thea celebrates her birthday on the eighth. How do I remember Thea’s birthday so easily? It is the same day my grandmother Jean Lees and Marshall’s grandmother Carol Crocker would have celebrated their 98th birthdays. Yes, our maternal grandmothers shared exactly the same birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, there are a bunch this week. I’m sure I’ll miss some, so I apologize in advance for not wishing you a happy one in print. Blow out the candles Elisha Weisner, Soo Whiting, Tim Walsh, Marguerite Smith, Whit Hyde, Colin Ruel, Christian Carroll, Uncle Bud Mayhew, and Richard Williams.

It was a memorable weekend at the Allen Farm. Congratulations to the newlywed couple, Kaila Binney and Ned Allen-Posin. Slow roasted meats, fall flowers, and fresh sea air filled the glorious October setting.

We bid adieu until next spring to Emma and Bob Shalhope. Barn Again has been battened down and the Frontier has been covered for the season. A wonderful summer was had by the Oklahoma couple. Their doors were open to family visits and their travels took them both down memory lane and across some new roads.

The other day was business as usual. Marshall was out front with a customer, and I was inside with the broom in my hand. Yes, I am often asked “Are you riding that again?” We are situated next to the beach so sand does make its way in on occasion. I digress. Marshall spotted a familiar face wandering across the parking lot. My dad, Frank Tamoshunas, had made his way to Menemsha from Waltham for an impromptu visit. Life was, as always, slightly hectic, but he did manage to see his two grandchildren, dine out, wet a line, and tag along on a boat ride.

Wesley Cottle isn’t riding around with an empty passenger seat these days. Don Hurley is back in town and the duo is back to their typical antics. No, no they aren’t trouble, but they do have some good stories to tell, and they make me chuckle every time we share the same air space. A few rounds of golf and lunch at Farm Neck are always in the mix for these two. This trip, they may just go for a little boat ride perhaps with a fishing pole just in case the mood suits them.

Bella Thorpe has a few more ribbons to add to her collection — a few blues, a bunch of reds, and a couple of reserve champions for this 10-year-old horseback rider. Quality riding and a whole lot of fun was produced at this year’s MV Horse Council’s Fall Fuzzy. Bella especially enjoyed the gymkhana portion of the show. Games like izzy dizzy, crepe paper pairs, sit-a-buck, and apple bobbing certainly had the group laughing. Also in the mix were Katie Goldsmith and Ava Stearns. Bella and Katie rode a black pony and wore all black with just a hint of glow on their heads in the shape of the moon and a star for the costume contest. What were they? Midnight of course. Ava made riding the green (as in inexperienced) ponies look simple.

Sara and Scott Smestad were at the show to cheer Bella on. They also made sure to visit with Sara’s sister, Laura Hilliard.

Saturday, October 12, is the annual Justin Lord Coleman Hike-a-thon. Attendees will gather at the Colemans’ house at 150 South Road. Arrive around 11:30 am to listen to the speaker, but be sure to arrive by noon as that marks the time for the group photo and the beginning of the three- to ten-mile roundtrip journeys. For more information, contact Evelyn Kreyling at 508-645-2261

Saturday, October 26, marks the 32nd women’s Symposium at the CCC.

“Finding a Way” is the topic for the 9 am–12 noon event. You will find speakers, small groups, and refreshments among the familiar faces filling the wood paneled center.

Although the event is free, donations are welcome to cover expenses. For further information call Bonnie George at 508-645-3214.