What about “green” building for Stop & Shop


To the Editor:

Despite the many Stop & Shop hearings over the past few months, little has been said about the proposed new building’s contribution to climate change and the need to make it “green.”

Haven’t we heard enough about the CO2 that comes from buildings, and its impact — the rising seas, acidification, monster storms, coastal erosion, ruined crops, displaced populations, and animal extinctions? Haven’t we listened to the warnings of 350.org leader Bill McKibben, telling us that we must drastically and rapidly reduce our burning of coal, oil, and gas?

Mr. McKibben, along with millions of other experts, are giving us plenty of instructions for stabilizing the climate. With buildings, they recommend installing more insulation, triple pane windows, LED lights, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems and, last but not least, solar panels (so we can shut down fossil and nuclear-fueled power plants).

These improvements don’t involve rocket science. Even Vineyard homeowners, businessmen, and town leaders are now using them. They’re being smart. They realize that in the long run, their improvements will save them money, as well as help save the planet.

I ask the S&S engineers and architects, the MVC, Tisbury selectmen, and town residents to be equally smart. The design of the new S&S building hasn’t yet been cast in concrete. Let’s go back to the drawing board and refine the S&S design so that it is a “green” building, one that will help stabilize earth’s climate and give our children a livable world.

Chris Fried

Vineyard Haven