All things chocolate at Featherstone festival

— Photo by Steve Myrick

The Art of Chocolate Festival at Featherstone has morphed into something really spectacular. In addition to the inevitable chocolate treats at the 10th annual festival, attendees took it to the next level, from dressing up in chocolate brown outfits, making chocolate-inspired art, and telling chocolate stories.

“Susan Klein was amazing,” said Featherstone director Ann Smith of the stories told by Ms. Klein at Friday night’s preview party. “People were laughing the whole time. The talk of Friday evening was how spectacular she [Klein] was.”

Another hit of the weekend-long event was Nancy Blank’s (inedible) chocolate cake sculpture and her chocolate cream pie sculpture, which both sold. And Gwyn McAllister’s edible chocolate sushi. “It was unbelievably outrageous. The guests loved it,” Ms. Smith said. “She used coconut for the rice, apricot for salmon, kiwi for cucumber. And for the wasabi, she made green cake frosting. It’s magnificent.”

Another stand-out contribution was Jan Buhrman’s chocolate pepper cookies. “I thought that those were really different,” Ms. Smith continued. “For the stand-out chocolate offering this year, the cookies took the cake.”