Even if fall wasn’t marked with visual descriptions like changing and falling leaves, you would still be able to sense the seasonal change. You can almost track fall’s movement with the migration of the fish. If you’ve been watching the leader board at the Derby, you will have noticed the bass are getting slightly bigger. Are they beginning their run south?

The harbor is beginning to empty. A few boats have been hauled and tucked away for the winter. Tom Langman has said his goodbyes and has migrated south with the bass. Phoenix II is out of the water until next spring when Tom returns with some new hot lure.

Lovely Lizzie Willette has migrated to Providence where she will spend her winter taking classes. She has always talked about furthering her education. She has taken her future into her own hands and, along with pup Charlie, has set off on another leg of life’s adventure. Providence isn’t too far so she has assured everyone that we haven’t seen the last of her.

Farewell to Ms. Billie Hancock. Her summer of fun has come to a close. Lots of good times with friends, a heck of a lot of fun with daughter Buffy, and memorable moments with grandson Christian are locked in her memory until they all meet once again. A highlight was a trip to New Hampshire with Buffy, Gil, and Christian. Steele Hill Resort in Sanbornton was the destination. Swimming, golfing, tennis, basketball, scenery, touring around, a little shopping and sleeping in were all accomplished on their vacation.

Lori, Craig, Quinn, Allie and Grady Keefe have begun the process of sending packages back to their winter home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They will depart in just a few short days. After a pit stop in Chicago to visit Grandpa Keefe, the kiddos will be home just in time to trick-or-treat. Let’s take a vote. What will Grady be? Will he branch out or will he choose a Star Wars character? There’s been some talk of being a False Albacore.

Katy Smith was down for the long weekend. Although she described college as “not quite what she expected” she is enjoying her freshman year at Simmons College. We’ve been discussing college in our house a lot recently (Bradley is a senior in high school). I think a lot of us agree that college is a whole big package experience. It’s not just academics. It’s not just parties. It’s not just being away from home. It’s not just making new friends and meeting new types of people. It’s all of that and more. That’s why my first question to Katy was if she’s made some friends. The answer was yes. Good, if you have friends to talk to and grab dinner with, the rest will all follow.

The Parker clan made a visit. David, Becky, Sophie, Meagan, Isabel, and Phoebe made a quick trip down to see friends and family including Adelaide, Thea, Ella, and Lathrop Keene, the children of John and Hillary Keene. Also getting a bundle of attention from the Parker girls was adorable one and a half year old Liam Keene the son of Peter Keene and Emily Drazen. They also had a visit with Katy Keene Metell who travelled from Philadelphia for a visit. Breakfast at the Black Dog, strolling Menemsha and a rousing game of Man Hunt (kids vs. parents) were all highlights of the weekend adventure.

Congratulations to Gabe Ambulos, son of Mary and Perry, and his teammates from the CS United Soccer Club out of Plymouth. The team travelled to Connecticut to compete in a Columbus Day Weekend tournament. Day one of the tournament proved to be spectacular. The boys played two shutout games with scores of 4-0 and 9-0. This earned them a spot in the finals. CSU was on fire. They managed a solid win playing four shutout games while, to use proud Perry’s words, putting 18 balls in the back of the net. Amidst all of the soccer frenzy, Gabe and Perry managed to visit the Connecticut contingency of the Ambulos clan.