Education of girls can transform them


To the Editor:

On Friday, I took two of my kids to see Girls Rising, a movie showing at the MV Movie Theater about how girls around the world struggle for their educations. It was a tribute to Malala.

Students were admitted free (thank you MV Movie Theater) and there was a great community presence. The movie was introduced by Debbie Philips of Women on Fire, a Vineyard-based forum for promoting the education of women/girls through inspiration, strategies, and support, members of her organization transform their lives and the lives of other women.

It was so great to see the kids excited to learn and leave with a new understanding of the value of an education. It was shown through the eyes and storytelling of girls their own age from around the world.

I recommend this movie to all our middle grade and high school students. While learning about amazing facts and stats about the global impact of educating girls, the movie was a great reminder of what we do have, and that is a fantastic school system, education, and community, that supports our young students.

Lara O’Brien-Robinson

Vineyard Haven