Cowboy boots and flowers, friends and family, snappy outfits and funny faces, giggles and laughs — all to celebrate the day Jessie (Kanozak) and Mike Holtham celebrated their union at Flanders Family Farm. Holthams, MacDougalls, Kanozaks, Solons, Whitings, Thompsons and others were there to celebrate on October 19 under a beautiful fall sky and nearly a full moon. Little Jolene’s mom and pop sure know how to throw a rockin’ good time.

This past weekend wrapped up the 68th annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby. Although the fishing was a bit slow in our neck of the woods it seems as if just about everyone that participated could author a chapter in the book titled Memoirs of the Derby.

Quinn Keefe, on the day before he departed for his winter home in Steamboat Springs (with siblings Allie and Grady), got to take the stage at the Derby awards. He took home a third overall in both boat and shore striped bass. Also, on the last day he managed to reel in an albie for his grand slam.

Kindergartener Nathaniel Simich, son of Stevan and Erika (Andresen) and big brother to Kai, took a first overall in mini junior boat bonito. Granddad Spider took the boys fishing one afternoon. We heard him on the marine radio say something along the lines of: I’m not really sure but I think this is a big bonito. Yes, it sure was. On that same trip young Kai reeled in a bluefish that landed him a daily prize.

Lori Robinett, fiancée of and the one that rounds out Johnny Graham’s being, made the journey from Missouri to fish the last week of the Derby. Let me tell you, this duo fished hard. Both Johnny and Lori managed to get grand slams and Johnny was half of the winning grand slam team. You hit the ball out of the park this time, my friends. Yes, that was an intentional baseball reference. How ’bout them Sox?

Happy birthdays to Roberta Morgan, Vinny Iacono, Everett Poole, Jan Burhman, Erika Andresen, Patty Rossi, Paul Mayhew — and a little backtrack to Ray Kellman.

Tomorrow, at 1:15 pm, is the Chilmark School 4/5 students Atiak Fair. The 17 students have all created games for their younger counterparts, West Tisbury School guests and community members to play for $.25 a pop. The goal is to raise money to help build a permanent structure for the Blessed Watoto Community School in Atiak, Uganda. They will have a bake sale and donation boxes too. Next week, as a math lesson, the students will count their proceeds. The goal is to have the amount match what the bank counts. Stop by with some quarters to play a game, stroll through the haunted house and have a snack. Don’t fret. The haunted house is equipped with a scare-o-meter. It won’t be too creepy and ghoulish if you prefer it not.

Speaking of Halloween, the treat bags are ready for the annual Chilmark Volunteer Firefighter’s Annual Halloween party at the CCC, starting at 5:30 pm. All Chilmark kiddos are invited to stroll the costume parade, eat a little pizza, and check out their friends’ costumes. Potluck snacks, as always is the modus operandi — cupcakes, popcorn, caramel apples, anything that tickles your fancy. Email me or give me a shout at the Texaco if you have questions,

Just a reminder, this weekend marks the 32nd Women’s Symposium. The topic to be covered through speakers and small groups is “finding a way.” All are welcome to join in on Saturday October 26, from 9am to 12 noon at the CCC. Although the event is free, donations are welcome to cover expenses. For further information, contact Bonnie George at 508-645-3214.

This month has made me think back to my childhood and reading one of my favorite books, Anne of Green Gables. Like Anne, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. It would be terrible if we just skipped from September to November, wouldn’t it?”