Dining recommendations from Island kids

What kid doesn't love pizza? — File photo by Susan Safford

Growing up, we didn’t eat out much, so when we did, it was always a huge treat. Louis’ was one of my favorite places to go. I was a big fan of the lemon chicken and eggplant parmesan, and of course the garlic poppy seed rolls. I remember eating popcorn while waiting for pizza at the Ocean View, and going there for friend’s birthday dinners in the dining room. Sports banquets usually happened at Papa’s Pizza, cramming as many kids into a booth that could fit, honor roll outings took place at The Wharf, and birthday breakfasts usually included pancakes at The Black Dog.

In high school, we frequented Linda Jean’s for breakfast, ordering hot chocolate, grilled muffins, and The Jacob: a mess of home fries, onion, tomato, broccoli, spinach, and cheddar. Once a summer, my friends and I would save up our babysitting, ice cream scooping, and coin diving money and go out to an extravagant dinner. Our favorite restaurant was The Navigator, where we ordered baked stuffed lobsters and virgin strawberry daiquiris.

Sometimes kids can be the biggest critics when it comes to food. Recently, I asked Island children where and what they like at Vineyard restaurants, and here’s what they said.

Edgartown School first grade students named what they like to eat at their favorite restaurants:

French fries, hot dogs, and pancakes at The Black Dog.

Garlic bread at Lattanzi’s.

French fries, cake, chicken nuggets, soda, cheesy quesadillas with chicken, and a girly drink at Sharky’s.

Cheese pizza at Flatbreads.

Pepperoni pizza at Giordano’s.

Cheese pizza at Bob’s Pizza.

Pepperoni pizza at the restaurant in the hotel where my mom works.

French fries and burgers at Nancy’s.

Tisbury School second grade students named what they like to eat at their favorite restaurants and why they like it:

Ice cream at Stop & Shop, because it has nice stuff.

Pizza at Slice of Life, because it is fancy.

Popcorn chicken at Rocco’s, because it is free food.

Cheese and pepperoni pizza at Giordano’s, because it is the best pizza on the Island.

Corn dog and French fries at The Lookout, because they serve great food.

Pesto chicken sandwich at Slice of Life, because it is pretty.

Grilled cheese at Sharky’s, because my aunt works there.

Quesadillas at Edgartown Pizza, because I know some of the waitresses.

Calamari at The Ocean View, because of the low prices.

Pancakes at Waterside, because they are good pancakes and I like the big window.

Hot dogs and French fries at Sharky’s, because you can win their games.

French toast at La Cave, because the restaurant is French, I know one of the waitresses, and the water is really fresh.

Mac and cheese at Coop de Ville, because I love the food and my dad works there.

Hot dogs at Linda Jean’s, because I like their food.

French fries at Offshore Ale, because my dad used to work there.

Pizza and soda at Giordano’s, because the doors are open for a breeze.

PB&J sandwich at Linda Jean’s, because I know all the waitresses.

High School freshmen name what they like to eat at their favorite restaurants and why they like it:

Steak kabobs, truffle fries, and potato pizza at Offshore Ale, because it has a lot of character and you can find locals and families.

Chicken club sandwich at Linda Jean’s, because the waitresses are the best.

Pizza at Giordano’s, because it is cheap but good, and you can sit in the park to eat it.

Thin chowder at M.V. Chowder Company, because you can go there for special occasions.

Fried food at The Ocean View, because of the scene and it’s the only place I get fried food.

Pulled chicken fajitas at Sharky’s, because they are good.

Salads at The Lookout, because their bowls are cool.

Mac and cheese at The Wharf, because my family owns it.