Chill Billy Revue: The best of local music

Good Night Louise, one of many bands that performed, from left: Shawn Barber, Rob Myers, and Geordie Gude (who hosted the event). — Photo by Geoffrey Parkhurst

On Saturday, Oct. 19, the second installation of the Chill Billy Revue local music festival took place at Holly Farm in Chilmark. The event was presented by The Print Shop (TPS), a booking/production company owned by Phil DaRosa. With the scenic backdrop of a sprawling Chilmark farm behind them, Nate D’Angelo, Garrett James, Kate Taylor and Jemima James, Angel Sparrow Russell and Nathan Fox, The Brothers Rye, Jim McKee, Alex Karalekas, Good Night Louise, John Beninghof and Daniel Byrnes, the Island Thunder Band, 2nd Power, Crooked Coast, DCLA, and Jeff Bujak took the stage.

As evening approached, the acts turned acoustic around the bonfire, with performances by Isaac Taylor, Porch Light, Mike Benjamin, Melanie Sroka-Chaunce, Erich Luening, and Mike Martin.

For some, the party continued until sunrise with dance music by Crystal Avalanche, Euphony, Marshall Pratt, DJ AP, DJ Ricky Prime, and Island Thunder Sound.

Word of the Chill Billy Revue festivals was spread largely by mouth and by Facebook. More than 2,000 guests were invited to Saturday’s event. This time around, guests were encouraged to donate $10 or more. Kids 13 and under were free. There was ample parking in the fields, as well as sliders, hot dogs, and beer on sale.