Looking for a hit and run driver


To the Editor:

I was involved in a hit-and-run accident on Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road on October 15, at approximately 2:45 pm. I was at a complete stop waiting to turn left onto Briarwood Drive, when all of a sudden I was hit in the back driver side. The crash ripped open the side panel five inches away from gas tank. The car was gold color, midsize, going at a high rate of speed. Walkers along the bike path a couple of telephone poles away saw the car go by at a high rate of speed too fast to get a plate number. Then they saw me stopped to turn left. The car has heavy damage to the passenger side front end and a huge scrape from front to end where it tore through the steel, which was then sticking out about 2 feet.

I ask if you see this car, please try to get plate number and call Edgartown Police. I was pinned in the car by the seatbelt, injuring my lower back.

Thank you so much the walkers who saw the car flying by them toward Vineyard Haven. When they got to Briarwood Drive they were able to help police.

Sadly, I had my head on the steering wheel after the crash because of pain. At least 25 to 30 cars went by heading toward V.H. or Edg. Not one car stopped, not one. Rescuers hadn’t got to scene yet. So there I was with the back of car ripped open, broken taillight, and other debris in the street, along with my back end in the street, front end in the guard rail.

Now, I want to thank Edgartown Rescue for taking such good care of me. Also another big thank you for more police who arrived to direct the traffic and send out the APB to be on lookout for this car.

If you see this car, please get plate number and report to Edgartown Police, you will get a significant reward.

Susan McCombe