Martha’s Vineyard Hospital welcomes Dr. Dana Levy Guyer

Dr. Dana Guyer, recently arrived from Nashville, Tennessee, has joined the staff of the Martha's Vineyard Hospital.

Dr. Dana Levy Guyer, a board certified pediatrician and internist, the newest member of the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital primary care staff, is busy settling into the practice she took over from Dr. Prit Gill, who left the hospital last winter. She began work last month and is now getting acquainted with her new colleagues and patients.

Dr. Guyer and her family arrived from Nashville, Tennessee. She most recently worked at Vanderbilt University Hospital, a very large, academic, hospital complex on the other end of the spectrum from the Island’s small, 21-bed hospital.

“It is nice to come to a place that is a little more intimate,” Dr. Guyer said in a telephone conversation Friday. “I have found that my patients are interesting, and I am really enjoying it.”

Ms. Guyer and her husband, Carlos Tilghman-Osborne, a child psychologist, are not strangers to the Island. Her husband’s grandparents were Henry “Hal” and Olive Tilghman, well-known residents of Chappaquiddick.

Her husband spent summers on the Island and after they met the couple visited frequently. It was always his dream to live here, she said.

The couple have a son, Milo, 3, and a five-month-old baby daughter, Ramona. Asked why she and her husband decided to move to Martha’s Vineyard, Dr. Guyer echoes many newcomers. “We thought it would be a great place to raise our children,” she said.

Husband and wife had completed their professional training and were looking to leave Nashville. Dr. Guyer contacted Jay Ferriter, director of physician services. Coincidentally, Mr. Ferriter had just learned that Dr. Gill planned to leave. “It was good timing,” she said, but for the fact that Dr. Gill left in February and she could not start until September.

Her husband has begun work at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services.

Dr. Guyer, 33, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in American history from Princeton University and a medical degree from Vanderbilt University, where she was a resident in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Most recently she completed a fellowship in palliative care medicine.

For now, while she becomes familiar with the patients she took over from Dr. Gill, she is not accepting new adult patients but will see children, she said.

Her hobbies include hiking, canoeing, knitting, and sewing. “And I like to cook,” she said. Her husband likes to clam, fish, and brew beer — hobbies perfectly suited to their new home on Chappaquiddick.