Not the place for a marijuana dispensary


To the Editor:

On October 3, against the recommendations of the selectmen, town administrator, police department, and local residents, the Oak Bluffs planning board decided to include all of Dukes County Avenue in the proposed medical marijuana overlay district. This decision does not follow the Commonwealth’s recommendations or, in fact, the bylaw the planning board itself has created, which clearly states that no “RMD shall be located within 500 feet of any playground, public park, public athletic or similar recreational facility.”

It is important that Oak Bluffs approves a medical marijuana overlay district bylaw at the town meeting on November 12, and it is very important for our community that it does not include Dukes County Avenue. Oak Bluffs needs a medical marijuana district, but we don’t need one a short walk to the school, baseball field, basketball courts, library, and town.

Last week, the selectmen firmly let the planning board know that this location is not in the best interest of the town and that they should amend their decision. Now the planning board needs to hear from the community.

Deirdre Bohan

David Diriwachter

Oak Bluffs