Martha’s Vineyard foliage is where you find it

Fall color on Martha's Vineyard. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Fall foliage on Martha’s Vineyard is not like it is in the rest of New England. We can’t climb to the mountain top and gaze down on a carpet of maple, beech, and birch setting the landscape aflame.

But our fall breeze is isn’t quite so cold, and it has the bonus of salt air to sharpen the senses, all the better to search out the bits of brilliance tucked along the back roads in Chilmark.

Our foliage is a bit lower, with fields of fiery brush, or a tendril of ivy deprived of warm summer’s chlorophyl production, left only with chilled scarlet wilting over a stone wall.

But it’s there. If you look carefully, with eyes alert to the possibilities, you will find it. Like most things that take a little more effort, it’s a little more worth it.