Halloween party was a lesson in ghosts, goblins and ghouls

Halloween party was a lesson in ghosts, goblins and ghouls

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(Left to right) Lily Moran, Joclyn Balvinas, Madison Packish, and Will Balivnas enjoyed Halloween activities, especially the haunted house, at the Oak Bluffs School Saturday night. — Photo by Michelle Gross

A large collection of zombies, princesses and superheroes attended the second annual Oak Bluffs School Halloween Party on Saturday night.

The three-hour event featured a haunted house, zombie dancing, raffles, even psychic readings and Halloween-inspired treats. More than 300 kids and their parents participated in the fun.

Eight-year-olds Joclyn Balivnas and Madison Packish dressed as characters from the 1978 movie-musical “Grease.”

“We really like the movie “Grease,” Joclyn said. “And we really like the pink ladies.”

Dressed as a dolphin, ten-year-old Becket Wadleigh offered the following explanation for her halloween costume this year. “I got it because I thought it was funny,” Becket said. “I like dolphins too. They’re so cute.”

Dressed head to toe as a life-sized hot dog, six-year-old Ella Moran looked good enough to eat on Saturday.

“We found it at Target and my mom really liked it,” Ella said. “I really like hot dogs too.”