Watch out for little goblins and witches as they prowl our darkened streets Thursday evening, October 31. Sometimes in their excitement they forget there are dangerous cars on our streets. We commend the selectmen and police for getting our streets closed for the safety of our many ghostly visitors.

Children (and adults) in costume are invited to join the Halloween Parade on Main Street from 3 to 4 pm today with puppeteer Bella and her music. Free and fun for those who gather at the Mansion House corner for this costumed sidewalk stroll.

A free Halloween party is scheduled at the Ag Hall on Halloween night from 6 to 8 pm. The children are offered a haunted hayride, games, prizes, and refreshments. The Ag Hall party may cut down on the visitors from up Island.

Congratulations to Betty Burton. This proud first-time grandmother is happy to announce the birth of Spenser Jakob Tuffile, son of Jainaba (Burton-Sundman) and Alex Tuffile of Gardner. He weighed in at 9½; pounds and 22 inches. Betty says he is gorgeous and she will happily share photos of the baby, born two weeks ago Friday.

The scarecrows on Main Street this year are remarkable. I can usually guess some of them but have no idea about some others. The kids at the Charter School bring all their talents to the fore in creating these marvelous bit of entertainment in our downtown. My vote for the most eerie goes to the one by the Green Room. Thanks to our merchants for subsidizing this program.

Our wonderful Vineyard Playhouse is dark for the winter while reconstruction continues inside. I understand the new lobby is expanded and I look forward to their opening in the spring. The old building is an historic treasure in our town.

Join in Prayers of Peace, Friday at 4 pm at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Chapel. Everyone is welcome to the interfaith service of readings and music. For more call 508-696-1839 or Grace Church at 508-693-0332.

Our early sunsets get even earlier next Sunday. At 2 am let your clocks fall back one hour to end Daylight Saving Time. You can tell who forgot because they show up extra early for church on Sunday morning.

Have you read your car lately? A bumper sticker reveals a lot about the person who owns the car. But many more only tell you that the owner may not be too sure who he is. Sometimes a bumper sticker seems to mean one thing until you get close enough to read it. Then the message is very different. At least it keeps us entertained while waiting for the ferry to land or for traffic to move.

Don’t forget to check out the Bradford pear trees on Church Street. They are showing some of the more brilliant colors to be found on the island.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Ann Davey. Sunday belongs to Emma Wajda and Maura Valley. Happy birthday to Lena Hanschka on Monday. Alice Marshall parties on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday wish the best to Sam Myers.

Heard on Main Street: The goblins’ll get you if you don’t watch out.

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