Oak Bluffs gets $2 million to fix up waterfront

North Bluff — File photo by Nelson Sigelman

Oak Bluffs officials received word Thursday they will get $2 million in state funds to fix up the crumbling seawalls and walkways on a section of the town owned beach.

The Seaport Advisory Council approved the Oak Bluffs waterfront reconstruction at a meeting in Boston Thursday.

The project will improve about 275 feet of the coastal bank and sidewalk along the North Bluff.

“The Oak Bluffs public access improvement project will be a major step in renovating and protecting the downtown shoreline that will compliment the restoration of the public restroom facility that has recently been completed, as well as the construction of a fishing pier that is expected to open this spring,” state representative Tim Madden said in a press release.

The project will create a pedestrian walkway that will connect the town’s two major ferry embarkation points, allowing passengers arriving at the Steamship Authority ferry terminal to easily reach the harbor, and passengers from ferries which dock on the harbor to easily reach the Circuit Avenue business district.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am,” Oak Bluffs selectmen Kathy Burton said Thursday evening. “We’re going to have a safe pedestrian boardwalk.”

The Seaport Advisory Council is charged with evaluating and awarding grants to boost local and regional economies as well as the port industries including commercial fishing, recreational boating, and tourism.