Bullying a society-wide threat


To the Editor:

Not a day goes by but another story comes out about a child or adult being bullied. The outcomes are always the same. Whether kid on kid, coach on player, employer on employee, or even parent on child, it is a malignant tumor spreading through all walks of life and society in general. The person being bullied is left with emotional scars for life. They are pushed to limits of despair that are only known to those who have felt the verbal or physical abuse given out by their tormentor.

As a layman I can only surmise or try to understand. There seems to be a correlation between what is being seen, heard, and mimicked in all venues of the media. From reality shows to violent sports. From movies to dark humorists. From even people within families who only know how to humiliate or intimidate to get results. And, yes, our society is being inundated with unreality.

People do not treat people the way you see on reality shows. Their language and sheer abuse and humiliation is their mantra. But, if that is supposed to be funny, just listen to the way people are speaking to one another: this is really a form of bullying. Does this become the new norm? God, let’s hope not. Filters were made for thinking before you speak. Humor of degradation has nothing to do with civility or dignity of the other person.

Part of growing up and learning right from wrong comes from many facets of one’s life. Bullying has become an evil form of communication at the loss of civility towards one another. We have lost and continue to lose decency in language and especially in the way we speak and treat one another. Our examples in the media are dreadful and not true. In reality it is nothing short of bullying, and the message and language is nothing short of dangerous.

Susan Lamoreaux