Wow, it has been an eventful couple of days around here. From birthdays to weddings to truck tours, there have been so many activities going on, all set to the beautiful backdrop of falling leaves and crisp November air.

I followed my niece and nephew, Addy and Andrew Smith, around the Vineyard Montessori’s Truckin’ event on Saturday, and man, that was cool. The benefit welcomed a variety of vehicles to the high school parking lot, including ambulances, fire trucks, moving vans, backhoes, school buses, bulldozers, ATVs, and a State Police helicopter. Children were invited to climb in, check things out, honk horns, and generally become awestruck over the coolness of it all.

I spotted several Edgartown folks in attendance, including Stuart Fuller with kids, Jayden and Benjamin. Paulo DeOliveira and Kara Shemeth were there in their firefighting duds representing the EFD, while young Mateo DeOliveira assisted. Andrea Dello Russo laid out a bunch of car parts for curious hands to explore. And darting around in plastic fire hats were Anina Garvin, Harley Snowden, and numerous other happy faces.

We were witness to a joyous celebration in West Tisbury this past Sunday, when my first cousin, Dylan Morgan, exchanged wedding vows with Nili Goldstein, in the welcoming home of Sherman and Susie Goldstein. It’s always particularly special to me when two Island kids tie the knot. There is rarely a dry eye in the room, where nearly all faces are familiar. And the Edgartown Eagles versus West Tisbury Hawks jabs are priceless. Then again, the rivalry need not affect the marriage, as the two now reside in Tisbury, which we all know is Tigers territory. All the best to the two of you. Mazel tov!

Another fun party this weekend to which us Edgartown folk had to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so as to find our way back home was Mikey Silvia’s surprise 50th birthday party in Oak Bluffs. The caravan making the arduous journey across town lines included Sean Murphy; TR Fullin; Erika and Tony Bettencourt; and Randy, Jill, and Kate Walpole. Happy birthday, Mikey — Edgartown loves you.

The Anchors, Edgartown’s Council on Aging, will hold an open house Thursday, November 14, from 2 to 4 pm to honor Laurie Schreiber, the Anchors’ Director of Senior Services. Laurie is retiring; her last day at the Anchors will be November 22. Laurie has been with the Edgartown Council on Aging for 28 years and has been crucial to the Anchors’ development, operation, and services. Join the Anchors’ Board, Friends, seniors, and staff as they acknowledge, honor, and celebrate Laurie and her achievements; wishing her health, peace, and happiness in her new life in the Volunteer State. Snacks and beverages will be served.

Another year passes and Audrey Rose McCarron is turning 14 on November 17. Her older brother, Greg McCarron Jr., turns 16 AND is getting his permit to drive on the 20th of November.

Birthday wishes go out to Alicia Nicholson, who celebrates November 16, to Jennifer Klein, November 18, and to Susie Murray, November 19, who will be wrapping an entire week of birthday festivities, with most of the family celebrating their days throughout the past week. Hope you have a great day.