For tribe members, election is about who we are


To the Editor:

In regards to the news release from National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) that we are able to have Class ll gaming on our tribal lands. I am pleased that NIGC affirmed in writing what we have known since our federal recognition in 1987.

However, I find the news release suspect since we are days away from an important election. This election is not about gaming but who we, as tribal members, choose to represent us within our community, before tribal nations, state and federal governments. Economic development is only one issue among many that are important to the growth and stability of our tribe. Gaming does not depend on who is chairman, but the wellbeing of our tribe as a whole depends on a chairman with excellent leadership skills. Do not be fooled by flash in the pan news articles.

Compassion, understanding, listening skills and a commitment to being a good neighbor is what is needed to be a respected leader of our tribe.

Beverly Wright

Tribal Elder