Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club results


At the Edgartown Bridge Club on Monday, November 11, eight pairs competed. Tied for first and second place overall were Gail Farrish and Anita Persson and David Donald and Art Spielvogel. Finishing third were Bea Phear and Sue Collinson.

At the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club on November 12, twelve pairs competed. Finishing first overall were Barbara Besse and Gail Farrish, followed by Gerry Averill and Sue Collinson in second, Cecily Greenaway and Bill Blakesley in third, Nancy and Dan Cabot in fourth, and Bea Phear and Nancy Neil in fifth place.

At the West Tisbury Bridge Club on Thursday, November 14, fourteen pairs competed. Finishing first overall were David Donald and Rich Colter, followed by Bea Phear and Cecily Greenaway in second. Tied for third and fourth places were Diana Dozier and Joan Perrine and Eric Stricoff and Rhonda Cohen. Finishing in fifth place were Nancy Neil and Patsy McCornack.