I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and a happy Hanukah. While it was novel to have the two holidays coincide this event has wreaked havoc on my son’s gift expectations. He was showered with Hanukah presents at one family gathering where we don’t usually exchange gifts as it is Thanksgiving and the whole point is food and family, not gifts, but it was now Hanukah as well, so people were very generous. This came after a trip to Santaland at Macy’s so gifts were already on his brain. I think next year I will take him to Haiti or the Philippines to rewire his desirous mind and teach him the true meaning of Christmas.

The storm on Wednesday did disrupt many people’s travel plans. I heard of many people switching their travel to Tuesday instead of Wednesday and as someone who did travel on Wednesday night the boat was not that crowded and there were no hoards of shoppers at the Whole Foods that we stopped at either. So perhaps the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is the new Wednesday.

In Aquinnah some people stayed put and others travelled. Liz Witham and Ken Wentworth travelled to have dinner with Ken’s parents. Michael Stutz and Christina Vasquez and their dogs went to New York City to visit Christina’s family. While NYC was crowded they had fun visiting friends and old haunts. Ona Ignacio and her two sons joined Angie Park-Sayles and her two boys in Oak Bluffs for Thanksgiving dinner. Their happiness was marred by the fact that they discovered that their cat, Black Jack, who had been missing, was found dead. They are very sad but taking comfort in the fact that he is now resting peacefully in their yard.

A speedy recovery to Skylar Ignacio who had surgery on his torn ACL on Wednesday at Children’s Hospital. I’m sure he is looking forward to recovering and getting rid of his crutches.

Berta and Giles Welch are headed to New York City this weekend for the National Museum of the American Indian art market held at One Bowling Green on Saturday and Sunday.

At the Library this Saturday from 12 noon until 3 pm there will be a master craft class in holiday greens construction taught by the amazing Barbara Lampson. Next Saturday, December 14, will be potato stamps, ink and wrapping paper. This was so much fun last year: you create your own wrapping paper and cards using paper and potato stamps. You can even carve your own stamps. I used the cards and wrapping paper that I made and everyone loved it.

There will be a Restorative Yoga Workshop this Saturday from 3 to 5:30 pm at the Yoga Barn, taught by the lovely Cat Garfinkle. The cost is

$35 and pre-registration is suggested. You can contact Cat at 508-693-1403 or

The Aquinnah Christmas party will be Monday December 23, at 5 pm at the Old Town Hall. Santa will be there and please remember to bring a dish to share. If you would like to help with the set up or the break down please let me know.