MVRHS students fly in engineering challenge

The first place team, from left, Patrick McCarthy, Mark Turner, and Toron Deluz. — Photo by Natalie Munn

Each month, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students are given the opportunity to compete in an after-school engineering challenge. The goals of the challenge, according to school officials, is to give students an opportunity to experience the work process of engineering a design challenge, and collaborate with one another to get the job done well, in a different competition than the yearly science fair.

The November challenge was to create a rocket that would fly the farthest when propelled by an air blast through a PVC launcher. Students were given 45 minutes to assemble and modify as many rockets as possible, and the flight distances were compared to determine the winners. Most rockets went across the gym and a few of them hit the gym ceiling, science teacher Natalie Munn said.

The first place team included Toron Deluz, Patrick McCarthy, and Mark Turner; the second place team, Zachary Bresnick, Connor Downing, and Jack Reagan; and third place team, Chris Aring, Jared Livingston, and Anders Nelson.