Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions : November 25-29, 2013



Nov. 25, Robert H. Caplan 4th sold an undivided ½; interest in 20 Katama Bay View Rd. to Eric W. Caplan for $375,000.

Nov. 25, James Hart, trustee of Mahomy Realty Trust, sold 36 Chase Rd. to Amanda G. Cimeno and Jovany Navarrete for $425,000.

Nov. 26, Andrea L. Lotreck, trustee of Church Street Nominee Trust, sold 19 Church St. to John A. Roberts 3rd, trustee of Island Realty Trust, for $1,750,000.

Nov. 27, Michael J. and Patricia H. Patrikios a/k/a Patricia Hamilton Patrikios sold 10 Plains Head Land to Michael and Ann E. Bunyaner for $1,475,000.

Oak Bluffs

Nov. 26, Barbara H. Roberts sold 6 Martha’s Park Rd. to Alfred E. and Barbara Butters, trustees of Butters Realty Trust, for $1,065,000.

Nov. 27, Douglas H. and Amy H. Reece sold 3 Little Pond Rd. to Dustin M. and Belinda P. Burke for $660,000.


Nov. 26, Margaret Nelson Pinney sold 40 Dolan Ave. to John Holladay for $110,000.

West Tisbury

Nov. 26, Christina Winkler, individually and as trustee of Joellen Rapee Nominee Trust No 2, sold 4 Windy Way to Thomas K. and Makena B. Herget for $2,600,000.