High school lunch provides a cultural bridge

The Brazilian-American lunch is a popular event. From left: Katie Gwynn, Jennifer Rosado, and Malik Johnson. — Photo by Angelina Godbout

Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students enjoyed lunch and conversation on Friday, December 6, at the fourth annual invitational lunch hosted by the Brazilian history and culture class.

Each student in that class invites a student to be their guest at the lunch, according to teacher Elaine Cawley Weintraub. “The point is to arrive at a diverse group of American and Brazilian-American students. Each year it gets more popular, and this year we hosted 70 guests.”

Ms. Weintraub said the luncheon event “is intended to celebrate our diversity and build relationships of tolerance and trust among the student body.”

Elio Da Silva of Vineyard Grocer and Steve Bernier of Cronig’s donated the food. Parents Eliana Medici and Rogerio Da Oliviera did the cooking. Eliana’s son Evandro, a soccer star, is graduating this year.