No non-news distractions, please


To the Editor:

I rely on The Times for the majority of my local news and appreciate the range of subjects covered and viewpoints offered. However, I find myself more and more distracted by the links to “news” stories offered toward the bottom of most stories in your online edition.

Those dire sounding headlines certainly draw one’s eye. However, if you have attempted to follow the “news” in Money Morning and Money News, for example, you’ve found yourself reading misapportioned, out of date or context, quote-based “information” interspersed with links to equally dire sounding videos that are mostly marketing tools.

Please consider refocusing your online edition away from such non-news.

David Vigneault

West Tisbury

The video and text links beneath some Times stories, as they appear online,are contextual ad links automatically displayed by the Disqus commenting system, not by The Times. We are currently able to and havedisabled them. DAC