Sheriff’s Meadow conserves Moshup Trail parcel

The Sheriff's Meadow Foundation has acquired a new parcel off Moshup Trail. — Photo courtesy of Sheriff's Meadow Foundation

Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation (SMF) recently announced that, on November 19 it conserved a 1.7-acre property on Moshup Trail in Aquinnah. The Foundation said the purchase was made possible through the cooperation of the family of Josephine Smalley Vanderhoop. The purchase price was $35,416.

Conserving this land will help to protect the natural habitat and scenic beauty of the land along Moshup Trail, SMF said in a press release. From an ecological standpoint, the Moshup Trail area is considered one of the most valuable and unique habitats found on Martha’s Vineyard, SMF said. Such plants as cranberries, highbush blueberries, black cherries and broomsedge grow on the land. Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation hopes to conserve other properties in this area, and to link these lands with a public path.

“We are really excited about this acquisition, and we are excited to study the land and learn more about the plants and animals that are living there,” SMF executive director said Adam Moore said. “We are grateful to the family of Josephine Smalley Vanderhoop for so patiently working with us, and we hope to protect more land in this area in the future.”

Sherriff’s Meadow Foundation