I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that Christmas is less than a week away. It seems like everyone has been commenting on how short the Christmas season has been this year, with Thanksgiving falling so late, but it really just hit me, and I suddenly feel wildly disorganized! Anyway, let’s talk about the good stuff, shall we?

How about those lights on Chase Road? Kevin Searle has really outdone himself this year with his annual display. We happened by the morning he began the multi-day undertaking, complete with a drawn plan to consult and a Santa hat on his head. And the result is fantastic.

Jeffrey Donaroma brought some technological Christmas cheer to the family business this year: at the Donaroma’s annual Christmas in Edgartown event, Jeff spearheaded a colorfully lit tree display synchronized with music. Throw on a pair of the complimentary 3D glasses the crew was handing out, and you could have yourself a good little psychedelic throwback.

How cool was it to see the Christmas parade in the snow this year? It really doesn’t get more picturesque than that. And what a great parade it was — from the dancers to the Grinch driving a Jeep to Santa on his firetruck perch, spreading cheer. One of my favorite snapshots from the day was my brother, Chris, in his full patrolman’s regalia jumping in with the Rise dancers and busting some moves.

Later that night, with a fresh flurry enveloping our town, I enjoyed a Main Street stroll in barely trodden snow, the Christmas lights on lightposts and miniature trees blurred by the falling flakes. I can’t remember a holiday quite so pretty.

Lovely ladies Jen O’Hanlon, Stacy Ickes, Cheri Mason, Katie Doll, and Hilary Granis ventured to Boston for dinner and a show last week — a nice little respite before everyone parts ways for the holidays. The quick getaway included eats at Toro and entertainment at the BU Theater, where the fivesome enjoyed the appropriately titled play, “The Cocktail Hour.”

I have to give a shout-out to my uncle, Dale Morgan, a 14-year veteran of the Edgartown Waste Water Department, who celebrated his 60th birthday on Tuesday, December 10. Pia Webster reports that his workday began with a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday delivered over a platter of assorted donuts. Then after work, Shelley Reed and Pia treated Dale to supper at Henry’s at the Harbor View Hotel, where the birthday fella enjoyed a turkey sandwich and fries; Shelley, the pumpkin gnocchi; and Pia, the grilled oysters. Here’s to many more.

Attention all who partake of the Anchors programs: The first floor is getting painted at the end of the month, so there will be no programs or lunches from Christmas to New Year’s Day. Plan accordingly.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Albert Lattanzi, who celebrates December 19; to Meghan Kill, December 20; to Joe Rossi, December 21 and to Michael Brown, December 24. Hope you have a lovely time.

To all those who celebrate, may your holidays be filled with love, laughter, family, and friends. Oh, and take it easy on the eggnog.

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