MVRHS students enlightened by engineering challenge


Each month, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students get the opportunity to compete in an after-school engineering challenge. The goals of the challenge, according to school officials, is to give students an opportunity to experience the work process of engineering a design challenge and to collaborate with one another to get the job done well, in a different competition than the yearly science fair.

The December challenge was to create a hanging chandelier that generated the highest and best distributed light intensity. Students were given 45 minutes to assemble their chandeliers using coat hangers, file folders, duct tape, aluminum foil, tie wraps, and one strand of small, white lights. Light meters were used to measure distribution and intensity.

The first-place team included Eli Hanschka and Russell Shapiro; the second place team, Zach Bresnick and Connor Downing; and the third place team, Galen Mayhew, Kevin Montambault, and Peter Ruimerman.