Out of control driver never looked back


To the Editor:

I am now a hit and run victim. On Saturday, December 14, at 3:30 pm, I was driving my 2006 4WD Toyota truck along South Road in Chilmark toward West Tisbury, en route to my afternoon workout at the airport gym. Light snow had been falling for approximately one hour, and no sand or salt had been deposited on the road to counteract the slippery conditions. I dropped my speed to approximately 20 mph just before a car appeared from the other direction around a severe curve headed directly towards me and completely out of control. I observed that this hit and run guy was spinning because he wrongly had applied the brakes.

I reacted by turning onto the shoulder, thereby avoiding a collision, but I could not avoid hitting a telephone pole. Miraculously, I avoided hit and run guy, and through my rear view mirror, I saw him immediately pull away from the scene. I was left wrapped around the telephone pole with a minor stiff neck and with my cherished truck in critical condition. And if it were not for the strong frame of my Toyota truck, I doubt whether I would have been protected from a crushing blow.

What about this hit and run guy? I could not read his license (the numbers were too small) from my rearview mirror as he safely fled the scene. His car was not hurt while he left me with the difficult task of describing this accident to the insurance adjuster, minus any witnesses. As the Chilmark Police Officer Steve Pupek explained, “Max, it could have been a lot worse. The telephone pole could have fallen on top of you with live wires, or it could have been a head on collision.” This guy didn’t care to determine whether I was seriously injured. He just wanted to protect himself from any potential legal entanglements.

By my reporting this to the paper, I am hoping anyone might think twice before leaving the scene of an accident. This guy is not worth lamenting. He’s a lost cause unless he mends his ways. I thank Officer Pupek for staying with me and the many people who stopped to lend me a hand. Officer Pupek was professional in every respect. Let’s hope justice finally prevails.

Maxwell R. (Max) McCreery