Rejection depends on how you look at it


To the Editor:

I would like to remind our local newspapers that the town of Tisbury did not reject the connector road proposal. At our town meeting last week, a sizable majority, close to two-thirds, voted in favor of the plan. The vote was just seven votes short of a two-thirds majority, 147 to 77, for a percentage of 65.62 percent in favor and more than enough to defeat a filibuster in the US Senate. Because a “borrowing article” requires a two-thirds majority, one negative vote can counteract two positive votes, which means that a minority can reject almost anything.

That said, the critics of the proposal have raised important points that might have been more clearly explained. Most importantly, the road system has always been a framework for a more inclusive plan and a way forward to address a variety of critical needs.

New bike ways and hiking trails are planned as part of an open space network surrounding the Upper State Road business district, connecting Tashmoo on the north side of State Road with the woodlands and ancient ways to the south. Better access to the Park & Ride promises more use of bus transportation, possibly new bus routes and less reliance on cars. Easier access to the business district can’t be bad for business, nor should easier access to the school and the senior center be bad for kids, parents, teachers, and old folks.

Henry Stephenson