West Tisbury


What happened to the snow? Saturday was so beautiful, snow falling softly all day. By Sunday morning it had disappeared, leaving behind a wet, slushy mess instead of a magical white landscape. We still have time to wait for a white Christmas.

Condolences to the family and friends of Paul Conroy, who died on December 2. I have heard so many wonderful stories about him over the years, especially from his fishing days.

Not much news this week. Everyone is so busy. Parties and concerts, fundraisers for every charity and nonprofit you can imagine, shopping for those who do, all in addition to the regular schedule of work/school/maintenance of our daily lives.

There is a Winter Farmers’ Market this Saturday, December 21, at the Ag Hall from 10 am to 1 pm. Linda Alley promises all one could dream of for Christmas dinner, plus a selection of special handmade gifts. As always, there will be lunch served in front of a warm fire in the front room of the Ag Hall.

I haven’t mentioned PeaceCraft Holiday Craft Sale yet. They have set up shop at 30 Main Street, behind The Beach House, in Vineyard Haven, where they will remain open through December 24. Sales will benefit Haiti.

The Vineyard Holiday Gift Shop on Spring Street, Vineyard Haven, features many West Tisbury exhibitors: Linda Alley, Linda Hearn, Laura Caruso, Patti Linn, Scott Campbell, and his daughter, Rose, and Irene Fox.

Closer to home, Patricia Cliggott’s LovingKindness Sale continues, a collection of crafts and special edibles, the proceeds to fund efforts to end domestic violence. Patricia opens her home at 129 Indian Hill Road on Saturdays and Sundays, 10 am to 4 pm.

Allen Whiting has new paintings on display at his Davis House Gallery. He is open this Saturday and Sunday, 1 to 6 pm, and by appointment.

I’m worried that the clouds of wings I see in my car’s headlights are winter moths. I hope I’m wrong, as I dread the terrible defoliation of trees they represent.

The West Tisbury Church will hold its traditional Christmas Eve services on December 24. The Christmas Pageant begins at 5 pm at the Ag Hall. At 10 pm there will be a candlelight service at the church.

As you know, I am a huge fan of Christmas lights. It makes driving around at night so festive and cheery. Our next-door neighbors, Jeremy and Annie Bradshaw, display a huge peace sign in white lights, a reminder of what Christmas is really all about, and what our world needs most of all. Kudos to “Fireman Bob” Hennessey, who has outdone himself this year decorating the tree at Haynes Point and both firehouses so beautifully. My special favorite is always Cliff Athearn’s house with greens woven through his porch lattice. But please know I truly appreciate every decorated tree and lamppost I see as I’m making my rounds. Thank you, everyone.

Outside lights may be all Mike and I have to enjoy this year as our kitten, Nelson, would decimate anything inside the house. He is active and interested in everything (euphemisms for “a terror”) at just four months old. Light cords, cut greens, decorations of any kind would represent an opportunity to bite/swat/bat/chew/fling and otherwise decimate. A tree would be a climbing toy. I cannot imagine Christmas without a tree, so am still trying to figure out some way to anchor it in place, decorate it with unbreakable and inedible ornaments, and encase the light cords in a bite-proof something. PVC pipe comes to mind. To be positive, it’s an opportunity to be creative and rethink how we decorate our house. But I will be sad not to unpack the ornaments of my childhood and all the ones Mike and I have collected through our years together.