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Dealing with waste, Bruno’s hauls trash and recylables

Here's a by-the-numbers review of the waste you make, after it leaves your door. It's a matter of dollars and cents.

Delayed Tisbury Great Pond report shows low nitrogen levels

A recent report shows low but significant nitrogen levels in Tisbury Great Pond, one of the Vineyard's largest estuary systems.

Edgartown selectmen reject only bid for Warren house

Town officials Monday rejected the only bid for the Captain Warren house. They plan to re-advertise with a minimum asking price of $2.3 million.

Martha’s Vineyard high school cafeteria revenues drop

Given a choice, many students prefer French fries over healthier snacks. A push to change teen eating habits is affecting the school's bottom line.

Lagoon Pond drawbridge construction to start this fall

Plans for construction of the permanent Lagoon Pond drawbridge are on track for a June 2016 completion date, according to project managers.

Oak Bluffs police find an efficient way to assist school

Police now work on routine paperwork at an office in the Oak Bluffs School. The result is a welcome increase of law enforcement presence.

Deer Tick proves their depth at Flatbread

The indie-rock group packed "The Roof" Monday night, proving they are a young musical force to be taken seriously. But not too seriously.

From A to Z in “Alphabet Zooup”

"Alligator Zooup" is the literary equivalent of a toe-tappin' rhythm.

Roundabout rules

After reading Gerry Yukevich's appropriate suggestion [What we need is a mulberry bush, June 5] that a mulberry bush be planted in the center of the Roundabout and a few past pro and con reactions to the relevance and effectiveness of the new Roundabout, I'm also making my declarative statement.

High hopes diminished

I had very high hopes for President Obama when he came into office.

Gleaning good stuff

The mission of Island Grown Gleaning is to harvest food that farmers can't and donate it to low-income families, senior citizens, school cafeterias, and programs providing meals and groceries to those in need.


Just imagine all the wonderful things that would get done, if it wasn't about who got the credit.


Welcome to another summer season.

Home again

Looking out my kitchen window at the field across the way belonging to Morning Glory farm, I am watching the tractor pulling the attached seat for the two kids planting their crop, one by one by one.

Human goodness and a hanging plant

I am writing this letter to thank a young lady for an incredible act of kindness, which reaffirmed my belief in human goodness.

Chappy beach closures to protect shore birds include wiggle room

More flexibility on the part of state and federal officials could keep one beach trail to Cape Poge open longer, The Trustees say.

Aquinnah, in the gamblers’ sights

The future of gambling in Massachusetts, and particularly in the Southeastern part of the state, lacks even modest clarity. Competing possible locations for three...

The powerful visual metaphors of newspaper days of yore

What newspaper worth its salt publishes no comic strips, no caricatures, no political cartoons? The answer today, of course, is most of them. The...

Oak Bluffs

Sunday past was my idea of a perfect summer day: sunny, not humid and just a hint of a breeze to keep you comfortable.