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Edgartown selectmen hear renewed interest in the Captain Warren House

Edgartown selectmen also signed off on a Chappy Ferry maintenance plan.

Working on the water: building boats, on a boat

When Rick Brown needed a new place to work on boats and carpentry projects, he built a workshop that floats.

One fairgoer finds a blue ribbon surprise

After years of unsuccessful entries, Robert Falkenburg had given up. But, he had his 'big moment' after all.

The 152nd Agricultural Fair by the Numbers

Attendance Total paid admissions* 2013: 30,360 2012: 28,819 *(Excludes memberships and employees) Entries Ag Hall exhibits 2013: 3,574 2012: 3,889 Animal Barn** 2013: 221 2012: 284 **(Excludes draft horses and oxen) Total combined entries 2013: 3,795 2012: 4,173 Total...

Mike Cavanaugh returns to MV Arena to lead clinic

With attendance at the highest levels yet, new UConn head coach and former BC Eagle liked what he saw during a four day clinic with an enthusiastic group of young hockey players.

Efforts continue to save the Gay Head Lighthouse

The Save the Gay Head Lighthouse Committee (SGHLC) moves forward with fundraising efforts.

By any measure, the 152nd Ag Fair was a success

Graced with perfect weather, the fair attracted more than 30,000 visitors.

North Road arrest nets $100,000 in stolen goods

Chilmark police arrested a Pennsylvania man they think stole from houses in three towns over a four-day span.

Moving on: Island graduates will be far, and near, in September

The Class of 2013 shares their plans, their dreams, what they'll take with them, and what they'll miss most about Martha's Vineyard.

Reel Picks

In this comedy, a small-time pot dealer takes a fake wife, two pretend kids, and a huge, shiny RV to Mexico on Fourth of July weekend to try to score enough to pay off a big debt.

Who defends the poor? Gideon’s army

Thanks to a landmark 1963 Supreme Court decision, Gideon v. Wainwright, the American legal system provides public defenders for those who face criminal charges and cannot afford lawyers.

Keep it simple: Quick and easy party dishes

The last thing I want to do in the summer is "run to the store." Instead I find myself searching through the pantry and excavating the refrigerator to see if I can throw something together with what I have.

Info Picks

Run the chop The 25th annual Sullivan 5K run and walk around East Chop is this Saturday, Aug. 24. A benefit for the Martha's Vineyard...


The poster was designed by Pam and Chip Coblyn and the sale will benefit the American Cancer Society's Breast Cancer Research.

Featured Favorites: New in a series for kids

Our local bookstores recommend the best reads

The Felice Brothers play Flatbread

The upstate New York folk-rock band plays Saturday, August 24

A tragedy of errors: Reston book concludes that JFK was not Oswald’s target

With the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination approaching, James Reston Jr. talks about his new book on the subject.

Start livin’ with Donavon Frankenreiter, and more, at Dreamland

Experience the feel-good melodies, expert guitar stylings, and killer mustache on August 23.

Boat lover’s paradise at Seaworthy Gallery

It might take Jeffrey Serusa three years to get just the right conditions for a photograph, but it takes only a moment to recognize the skill that goes into his images.

It’s a matter of dangerousness

In this small, inconvenient community, when there is the chance to exercise greater control over criminal behavior than seems possible elsewhere, and when law enforcement has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to catch and prosecute misbehavior, what's wanted from the courts is something more than personal recognizance, low bails, probation, hopefulness, community service, confusion, and recidivism.